MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….money. How many things have you done purely for the love of money?  If you answer honestly, money probably rules the majority of our life choices-what you do, what you buy, what you invest in life, etc. We’re all in a relationship with money and most of us are in an abusive one. Simply stated, money is the pimp of life. It forces us to do things we don’t want to do-get up in the morning,  brush your teeth, and get ready for a job that you probably don’t like. But despite how abusive the relationship is, we always go back to it. Like the battered wife, we make excuses for money- ‘Oh but he buys me x,y, and z’ or ‘he takes care of the kids’- and hang on to the hope that the relationship will change one day. But deep down inside we know that money will never change. Money will always be money.

If we want the relationship to be different, we must change.If we don’t want to be slaves, we must use money against itself  and buy our freedom from it-from the debt and more importantly from the dependence on a 9-5 job.  We have to learn to be like the greats,  the Russel Brand and the P. Diddy’s of the world, who learned how to pimp their money.  We must always have a plan- which some of us think of as a budget but the more ambitious think of as a business plan. If there’s anything I’ve learned from rich people is that they don’t like to spend their own money, they invest it. And we all know money is a great force to  be reckoned with so we’ll probably be more successful if we face it with a team. So how about that  squad you spend every weekend drinking with. Maybe it is time to stop digging an early grave with alcohol and start investing in a cemetery instead. Excuse my morbidity but its important that we acknowledge that how we spend our money can either kill us or make us a killing. May you have great success in the latter.

And when y’all make it big out there, don’t forget to come back and tell us how you did it- preferably over a nice lunch at the Hilton on your bill.  🙂


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