On metrosexual men and modern day love



So I’ve been fortunate to have only dated a couple metrosexual men especially considering that I am a tom boy and could not be bothered with high maintenance lifestyles. If you haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with a metrosexual man, then think of a man with borderline “feminine” grooming tendencies but with the sexual preference for the opposite sex. Two major clues about a metrosexual man is his eyebrows and fingernails. Eyebrows is the major clue because most men don’t get their eyebrows done and if they do it’s just a little trim, whereas metrosexual men take it to the next level with defined arches and no stubble. Well-groomed fingernails, even to the point of getting a mani-pedi, is another indicator of metro-sexuality, unless he is just blessed like my two brothers who won the lottery when it comes to beautiful nails.

I don’t have any statistics to share and I don’t think any research has been done on this but I think grooming standards for men has decreased over time. Just think 1950-1970s era where men would wear oxford shirts and slacks with dress shoes every day. Hair grooming was also a big deal especially with the 1970s when everyone carried a hair pick around to keep their afro well shaped all day. These days most guys wake up sniff one of the t-shirts on the floor and wear it with the same pants they’ve been wearing all week. The only thing most guys care about these days is their shoes, whether it means shelling hundreds of dollars on the new Yeezys or Jordan’s (FYI, I think both of them are ugly and prefer standard sneakers like Adidas or puma).

However, as much as I hate the lack of effort that most guys display these days in terms of their grooming, I would still not want to end up with a metrosexual man. Like I said before I am not high maintenance for the most part, like my make-up routine takes 15 minutes maximum, and I go for a mani-pedi once every blue moon (although I do keep my nails nicely cut and clean).  Dating a metro-sexual man puts too much pressure on me to pull all the stops in my grooming and dressing whereas I think it should always be the opposite dynamic where the woman upgrades the man (cue Beyonce’s upgrade you). However, on the opposite side, I have dated one guy who needed serious upgrading and the more I tried to help him out, the more he resented me. Therefore, my theory when it comes to dating is that you should date the person who can keep up with you in terms of grooming and dressing.


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