On the “romphim” and the fragility of male masculinity

0CE3A083-831F-41A5-8B6C-021462E61282-3578-00000406C25C687EI find it interesting that my timeline this week was flooded with debates about the Romphim. When I first saw the concept of a male romper, my reaction was simple. I thought what a cool idea. I even thought maybe it was something that Kanye or Jaden Smith came up with and why I didn’t think of it. The first pictures I saw of nicely bodied men wearing them piqued my interest further in supporting this new gender norm breaking style. However, for the hundreds of supportive posts concerning the Romphim, there were thousands of posts bashing any male who would even consider wearing a romphim.

I’ve always known that male masculinity is very fragile but I was shocked that a male jumpsuit such as those men wear in prison but the “short” version would cause so much controversy just because it’s compared to the very feminine female romper. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be a man yearning to breathe free and express himself but being barraged with policing from other men. Is the box that defines what a man is so small that a man wearing a romper is automatically less of a man? Based on the responses from the romphim debacle, it seems that box is smaller than we even thought.

This debacle even inspired me to consider that the new miss USA might be right in doing away with the word feminists and taking up the word equalist. Let’s fight for fair treatment for all of us not just being one-sided in our missions. Let us speak out for injustice for all. Today I speak out for the injustice of men in their dressing of choice. So there you go boys, wearing a romper doesn’t make you any less of a man. If anything it makes you a more adventurous person.


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