Send me that Love part 3.

-originally written July 19, 2010

Brother’s grad day- 2013

So I think, this week, I was supposed to talk about interracial relationships and what has happened with Martin thus far. Well, the funny thing is that my African American friend and I just happened to be talking about this last week and so it should be fresh on my mind. So the question was: why are there not more interracial relationships; why are people so scared? Well I think people are usually not against interracial dating themselves but are usually afraid to engage in it because of what other people will think-whether it be friends, family, or suspicious onlookers in the street. Personally, I feel open towards interracial dating-obviously; however, my plan is to try to find someone within the Kenyan community first before I venture outside. Which in my case there aren’t any Kenyan boys my age where I live and so I have no choice but to venture out of my race bubble.

However, what is weird is that although I knew this would happen and will happen- as most Kenyan women in foreign countries marry white men-I still would rather find an African guy-preferably Kenyan. I mean, when I daydream about my future I never see a white husband but then again I am not sure I even see a husband in the picture(i’ll try to remember the next time i daydream). I think interracial relationships are not so abundant because of history. Black women don’t want to marry white men because years ago they were raped and enslaved by them- so would be marrying a white man enslaving themselves? is what they wonder. However, as I said to Martin when we were talking on facebook chat, “History is History” and considering the fact that he’s German which is equated with Nazi- take over the world schemes and kill non-whites, I am not surprised he agrees with me.
So Martin and I are still in the flirting stage which I wish I could get out of because I hate wasting my time when it is avoidable. So, Friday we were both in the same classroom again and the deep stares into each others eyes just went on and on. However, throughout the whole thing I was afraid that one of us would get moved to another class and then of course our chance would be blown. Which did almost happen the 1st time it was because the administrator wanted another volunteer in the 5-7 room and she asked me first and I begged for her not to send me in that room because the kids are so young and crazy and last time i did not have a good time due to being on restroom duty. So she asked the other volunteer as Martin remained quiet. The other guy volunteered to go so now it was even better cause it was just me and Martin. But not so fast, the administrator kept pulling him out of the class for him to do stuff for her. And then I volunteered to be pulled out to do stuff for her (to make sure I didn’t look bad) which meant I missed the whole museum tour to view all the art with the kids. And then when I did finish my work and catch up with them, some girl busted her toe and I had to take her to clean it up. And then we were back in the classroom and ready to leave. So as usual we walk to the sign out area and head downstairs. And when we are parting I say “see you Monday, that is if i am there” to which he says ” you better be there” and I say “I’ll try”. So obviously today is Monday and I am going to be there. My only fear is that we are not assigned to the same room which means today will be wasted as a me and him day. So next time I will post what happened.
P.S.: this song is off the chain by CLD, Raz, Film C, Chikuzee & OHZY – So Nice (click link). I think i like it b/c it mentions OREO-which is sometimes what they call interracial couples in the U.S. b/c they’re black on outside and white on inside. and of course because it’s a awesome song.

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