“Send me that love” part-i lost count

-originally written August 5, 2010

Post-dinner date, Durban, SA

So I just came home from what? A date? with who you ask?Obama! No not really. But if you guessed Martin, then you are totally right! And am so happy it worked out cause I was so anxious like 5 minutes before he came to pick me up. There wasn’t enough time to call any of my friends to give me a pep talk. So I told myself “get a grip, there’s nothing to lose- If he doesn’t like you or misbehaves then you got to watch a movie free of charge” (since he was paying for the date-at least the most expensive part since I offered to pay for ice cream after the movie).

Anyway let’s start from the beginning. So he shows up at my house at 6:00 or at least my driveway at 6:00 since technically I shouldn’t be dating-you know how Kenyan parents are with wanting you to stay single until you’re like 50 years old. So I walk out of my house in a dark blue skirt and light blue-checkered shirt, and my natural hair tied back in a ponytail. By the way, I am scared that he’ll freak and ask what happened to my hair since the last time he saw me I had long brunette braids. But he doesn’t. I find him standing outside his car waiting for me and I hug him while asking if he had trouble finding the place. He replies “No” and explains that his cross country team runs around my area, so..wasn’t hard.
So we talk about Covert Affairs and Psych which are popular shows right now in the U.S.
We arrive at the movies at 6:30 and then he buys the tickets and we walk in. *mistake he made-not opening the door 4 me but it’s probably because I didn’t give him a chance*.
So we are walking to the theatre room where we are supposed to see Inception and on our way some black dude pops out of nowhere and asks “hey man! where did you get those shoes from” Martin replies “Shoe Station” and the guy thanks him stating that he’s been wanting shoes like that.  We then proceed to bursting out laughing because that was just totally uncalled for. So we walk into the theatre with me in the lead and I lead him to the seats all the way at the top/back because I always see couples seating at the top probably for their privacy (especially for make out sessions if there are any). Martin then asks  me “do you always sit at the back?” and i say “yes”-although I really don’t , I usually sit at the middle with my brothers. He says “oh ok. I usually sit at the middle”.

So we watch the previews for upcoming movies while waiting for our movie to start which leads to awkward silence and laughs. After about 20 minutes, the movie starts and we are very into it. If you haven’t heard INCEPTION is a mind blowing movie. We don’t even talk except for the occasional “that’s so cool” from him and the “yeah it is” from me. After about two hours, we finish the movie. Martin walks in front and kind of fast for me considering that my thighs are so sore from running 5 miles yesterday. Anyway, he opens the door for me this time and we leave to go eat ice cream across the street. When we get to Marble Slab Creamery, he apparently is really full and isn’t in the mood for ice cream-which i am perplexed by because who is never in the mood for ice cream?!  ( I was thinking maybe he just didn’t want me to spend money on him cause he might look like a total douche bag in front of all the workers and customers). So I order my rocky road which is made of -walnuts, chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream and marshmallows.  While waiting for the workers to mix it up, I ask ” so what did you eat that made you so full?”
Martin-“a panini”
Me-“a panini? that shouldn’t make you so full”
Martin-“it was a really big panini-cause i made it at home”
Me-“okay if you say so”

So i get my rocky road pay the $5 and we go sit all the way at the  back of the shop since I hate people staring at me. The conversations are less awkward than before as we talk about my so-called allergies to nuts. And then my real allergy to red ants. On another tangent, we discuss christmas in the Summer in Kenya, white christmas in Germany, locker situations at our school and of course how cool the movie was.

I finish my ice cream. We leave and on our drive back to my house, we talk about other random things such as how far i’ve gotten with my school work (like my 4,000 word paper that I have to write in a week or so because I procrastinated over the summer). Finally we get to my house. He stops the car and there is…awkward silence. He unbuckles his seat belt which totally throws me off-am like wondering what is he going to do? kiss me? hug me?
And he’s like “so…”
and i am like “so…this is awkward”
“why do you have to make it awkward”
“cause I am really bad at goodbyes”
“i am used to them because of the move  from Germany and stuff”
“yeah..i’ve never gotten used to them”
“so Saturday there is that comedy thing I was telling you about and if you want to go..let me know if you are not busy with your school stuff”
and i am like yes!score!Date #2 . but what i say is” well i am going to this graduating thing this Friday”
“graduation? isn’t high school over”
“no college like the nurses are graduating right now”
“oh ok”
“and so unless the graduate wants to host an all-weekend part. I should be able to go. just let me know the time and stuff”
“ok i can do that”
“so.. i guess talk to you later” and we hug.

I walk away and I guess he’s still looking at me walking away since he doesn’t drive away.
Anyway the night ended nicely as I found mbuzi/goat for dinner although my mom who i guess i can’t fool  as she immediately exclaimed “oh you look nice! -like you just came from a date” and i say “i am not a lesbian. i was just going out with my girl friend from school” and she’s like “well back in the day we used to tell our parents we were going out with Mary when we were really going out with Martin” and my mind is like who is this mindreader that possessed my mom?

Anyway I was such in a good mood that my mom was like “you should go out more. It seems to make you happy” and i say “yeah. I would if you gave me money”
So I eat my goat. post on Facebook something general about the night. Later I see that Martin liked my post and so I proceeded to like his less general post about the night.
I probably won’t go to the comedy thing because of all the things I have to do for school work but I will definitely keep you guys posted on what happens with Martin.


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