13 Reasons why I love my parents

  1. Because they left a country where they were comfortable and settled in their careers so their children could have all the opportunities that life in America offered
  2. Because despite having to start from the bottom upon arriving to America, they always made sure that we never missed a meal
  3. Because despite having to go back to school and juggling multiple jobs, they still helped us with our school work when we needed it
  4.  Because despite having to go back to school past 35 years of age and juggling multiple jobs, they still graduated with honors
  5. Because when I had hard days in pharmacy school, I thought of them and how they succeeded in their education despite having to care for 3 children and work 2-3 jobs
  6. Because they chose opposite work schedules so that we would always have one parent with us in the house even if that meant that they would see each other less
  7. Because no matter how close the bus stop was to our house, our dad still insisted us on driving us in the morning and picking us up in the afternoon so that he could ensure our safety
  8. Because my dad signed me up for science camps in the summer so that I could gain more exposure to STEM fields
  9. Because my dad would organize outings for us even if my mom couldn’t make it, due to work, so he could bond with us
  10. Because my dad gave up higher paying jobs that required him to always be traveling so that he could be with his children and help them with their homework
  11. Because even when we went all to college, they were still involved in our grades and continued to be supportive
  12. Because my parents continue to love and respect each other as they teach us about what makes relationships successful
  13. Because they never forget where they came from and who helped them along the way

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