Ten things I learned from my Brothers

bro pic

  1. Keep calm in the eye of the storm because stressing never changes a situation.
  2. Finding a sport you enjoy can help you have to lots of fun and most importantly to make friends
  3. When you have a job, you should treat it as if you owned the place. If you treat the place like your own, you’ll always be considered for management positions.
  4. This one is a dating tip from my younger brother. If a girl expects you to have your own house, car, and job, then she better have those things for herself too.
  5. If a girl makes an effort to have a relationship with your mom, she’s a keeper.
  6. Always try to save more money than you spend.
  7. Family always comes first.
  8. A girl doesn’t have to be a better cook than your mom but she should at least be a better cook than you (I guess unless you’re a professional chef).
  9. Your connections always mean more than your grades.
  10. Patience is the key to life. Everything happens at its own time.

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