How to continually inspire yourself

Durban art night

I am one of those people who gets bored very easily. What this means for me is that I get high bursts of creative energy during inopportune times, when I am busy with other things (i.e. finals week). When I was in school, this always presented as an itch I had to scratch so I usually ended up drawing various sketches on my study material. In retrospect, I’ve now realized that this usually happened because I used to continuously suppress my creative urges during the semesters while I tended to more “important” things at school or work.  After many years of doing this wrong, trust me when  I say that is not the way to go.

I think the most important thing in finding and sustaining inspiration within yourself is self-care. If you put you and your creativity last, you’re more susceptible to burn-out with whatever else you’re pre-occupying yourself with. I am not saying put your job and other priorities last. I am saying you should schedule time dedicated to you and your creativity. If you know you thrive on physical creativity such as through sports, you should find a way to include such activities through-out your week. If you thrive on mental creativity which is a little bit more challenging to come by, you should try to expose yourself to things that inspire you to create (i.e. going to museums if your creativity is based on art or reading books/poetry if your creativity is based on writing).

Lastly, creativity does not have to be a solo journey. We live in a time where we are blessed  with technology and the ability to connect with people with similar interests. It’s completely fine to keep your creativity to yourself but I believe that you can grow your creative skills much more if you expose yourself to people who can give you constructive feedback.

My testimony about this advice that I am giving you is this blog of mine. I started my first blog during my senior year of high school and never shared it with any people I personally knew because it was more of a journal to me. I also wasn’t as dedicated and only blogged sporadically. As compared to this blog, my first blog barely captured my creative juices whereas I have never missed posting a new story every week to this blog. I know my art and fashion sections have some cob webs on them right now but I am planning to update those later this week.

In the spirit of constructive feedback, I would love to hear some honest reviews on my blog. Thank you for the support thus far.


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