Top 5 African music videos (culture & landscape)

  1. If you haven’t heard of Diamond Platnumz, you probably haven’t seen that video of Chris Brown dancing to his music or his collab with Ne-Yo. I can 100% say that Diamond is the hottest artist in East Africa right now. What I really like is that he seems to be 100% confident of himself and his culture. I think this video portrays his Tanzanian culture the best. Keep in mind that a lot of people in Tanzanian are Muslim so you might see a bit of that influence in this video.
  1. Flavour is a Nigerian artist who’s also been on the scene for quite a while. I think this is the first video I’ve seen from him that is shot in a village, which is cool in my opinion. I’ve always been obsessed with this song and video since they were firs released. The video shows village life in a positive way including the traditional process of marrying a chief’s son.
  1. DJ Chameleone is one of the first modern artists from Uganda. He is well known for his raspy voice. As many other artists usually do, this video was shot in South Africa (Durban to be exact). I’ve actually been in those exact landmarks as this video was shot near a water park called Ushaka Marine. He does have videos shot in Uganda, if you want to look at those as well on youtube.
  1. I just recently became familiar with Willy Paul’s music. He’s actually a gospel artist but is sort of crossing over to secular music. However, he does mention God in this song when he states “sina mengi ile naweza sema ni asante kwa mwenyenzi mungu” which means “I don’t have much to say other than to say thank you to God”. I love this video because it shows dating culture in Kenya. My theory on why the chick in the video throws juice at home is because he is not romantic ( a lot of Kenyan men have come under fire for this). My theory is further supported by the fact that he makes an effort to be romantic during the rest of the video. This video was shot in Nairobi which is the capital city of Kenya.
  1. Sauti sol’s “sura yako” song is probably their most popular song to date. When I was in kenya in 2014, they were playing it everywhere on the radio, Tv, you name it. After watching them live, I think the band is very talented musically but they could improve their dancing skills. Nevertheless, this is a good video on Kenya’s pre-wedding culture where a man and his posse go to his girlfriend’s village to ask for her hand in marriage. Also, we usually veil the girl and her posse in colorful sarongs known as lesos so that we see that he knows how to identify his woman without seeing her.

If you’re from a country in Africa and I didn’t include a video highlighting your country, please feel free to drop a video link in the comments! 🙂 ❤


2 thoughts on “Top 5 African music videos (culture & landscape)

  1. Wait. Those are African top music videos? Nah. The law of Nature states that; if you’re to write a list of African music videos, Nigeria music videos must make up 80% of the list.

    So, this list is wrong. Thanks.


    1. Haha as I stated these are the top African music videos that show our culture and landscape in a positive light so Naija could not make 80% with all the American type videos highlighting the video models assets lol


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