Poems authored by me

2014 South Africa

Still a Queen

You snuck up on me quietly, slowly, and with a smile on your face

You seemed so gentle and innocent

Little did I know that you were the wolf


Now here I am, little red riding hood

In the forest, dazed and confused


My mind now sees how you plotted and schemed

You saw that I was a queen

And you pretended to be a king


But royalty is a birth right

So despite your efforts, I am still a queen


Better next time

I sprung into the throes of your love

Drowned in the misery of your vices

Shut out all advices

To later realize that they were all right


Throwing all caution to the wind

So that I could win

Little did I know I was a pawn

In the game of love


Though you called me your queen

Little did I know that your actions

Didn’t speak the same as your words

Your friends even called you a fool


Cause what you were doing was wrong

But I am alright because I got time

You were a lesson to learn

And I’ll know better next time


To my hair

Like a jungle

Sometimes I tame you and other times you tame me

As wild as ever can be and bound to me for life


You are the lion and I am the lioness

A mane that can be so unruly

With a growl that cannot be matched

I recently read Rupi Kaur’s milk and honey which is a beautiful book filled with very deep poems about love, hurt, and healing. Her poems are so vulnerable and deep that she inspired me to through caution to the wind by sharing some of my poems. I do have to say that writing poems is very cathartic as compared to other writing because it can make you get really into your feelings. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little collection of my poems. I am sure there will be more to come.  🙂 ❤






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