On Dating and Modern Day Love

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I guess you can think of this post as a sequel or prequel to the last post on breakups. This post was actually inspired by one of the hosts of  Snappp 254 (a snapchat which features a different Kenyan host each day). The guy who goes by Kelly described his philosophy on love and I think it changed how I think about this tedious process that we call dating.

So to describe Kelly’s philosophy, he believes that you should never enter the dating stage without being friends first. He provided examples of how people break-up stating such reasons as “oh she didn’t want kids” or “he was an alcoholic” which are reasons that don’t take dating someone to realize. If you are friends with someone first, you become familiar with most of their flaws and can determine whether it would be appropriate for you to date the person.

I think this is such a great philosophy that can save people from unnecessary heartbreak. I think we do more research on what car we want to buy than the person we want to date. You know that commercial that always states that you should get the CarFax (background history on the car) before buying it, well  I think we can apply that same thinking to dating. Before we jump into the next shiny looking suitor, we should try to get to know them a bit more to determine their background history and what their specifications are (do they want kids, what are their vices, etc).

From the encouragement of my best friend, I joined Tinder a couple of weeks ago and before you ask, it is not strictly for hookups. My experience has been alright so far but I am one of those adrenaline junkie type girls that get bored with the typical dinner date filled with endless small talk. So, I’ve actually decided to delete the app after this week. To me, it has become a distraction more than anything else. This week alone I have been on four dates with three different people and although they’ve all been nice, I just don’t care for a relationship right now. I also think dating apps force you into dating someone pretty quickly before being friends first so it doesn’t fit into the philosophy that I’ve now subscribed to.

I made a joke last week on my Snapchat that I’ve been asking God to show me what goat he wants me to sacrifice so that I can find the Barack to my Michelle. If you guys have any tips, suggestions, or philosophies that you would like to share, please comment below!

May peace, love, and happiness fill your life! 🙂 ❤





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