Zanzibar has been my obsession for a while and it is for good reason. As an island off the coast of Tanzania, it is not one of the well-known vacation spots so it doesn’t get very crowded. Also, it has the bluest water I’ve seen on the east coast of Africa. If you also want to see how the Arabs influenced African culture to form the Swahili culture, this is a good place to go and see that from the food to the architecture. Speaking of architecture, doesn’t a restaurant in the ocean also sound like a great idea.  If you can’t imagine that, see the photos below.


I’ve always wanted to go to Indonesia ever since my fascination with surfing started, probably in high school. I’ve had the pleasure of surfing in South Africa so Indonesia where world surfers go to smash the waves is probably too advanced for me but I’d love to watch pro-surfers do their thing while visiting Bali. Another thing I’d love to do, which is on my bucket list, is to ride an elephant. Although, we do have elephants in Kenya, for some reason we don’t ride them so Eastern Asia would definitely be the place to go for that. Indonesia is also very diverse in religion (Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist) so that would be interesting to observe as well.


If you can’t tell already, I am a sucker for architecture so the fact that Dubai was built from engineering the water to create more land is pretty cool to me (I think they did this through draining; I am trying to remember from my geography days but my memory is failing me). Also, riding through the desert on a camel or an ATV sounds very exhilarating.


A lot of celebrities have come out saying that Ibiza is their favorite party spot. My man crush Idris Elba who is the jack of all trades has actually DJ’d in Ibiza before. There’s also the song from Mike Posner about him taking a party drug in Ibiza (I am not promoting that but the song does have a good beat). The other cool thing about Ibiza and Spain is that they’re right across from Morocco so it’s possible to take a quick flight or boat across the sea to the Motherland. Speaking of the Motherland, the next travel destination is from my own backyard.

  1. MASAAI MARA, KENYA                                                                                                            To provide you a bit of history, the Queen of England was on safari in Kenya when she found out that she would be queen (after her father King George VI) died. Years later, Prince William also proposed to Kate Middleton while also on safari in Kenya. Prince Harry has broken the cycle but the point here is that the Kenyan wilderness can be a super romantic destination. Watching the wildebeest migration and the other animals in their natural habitat is an experience of a lifetime (This is why I stopped going to zoos and probably will never take my kids to a zoo). Other celebrities who have lodged in the Masaai Mara include Angelina Jolie and Richard Branson who owns a beautiful safari camp known as Mahali Mzuri (The Good Place). I think whoever chose that name deserves all the praise because the Masaai Mara is definitely a good place.

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