How to ball on a budget

1. number 1 budget. Use an app or excel sheet if you need to but do what you got to do to make it work.
2. Get deals. Know the right time to shop for what. New year deals for phones and also student discounts.
3. Save! A rainy day will always come so always be prepared.
4. If you need to work on your credit, then open easy lines of credit such as on furniture or on a computer. I have store cards for victoria’s secret and Macy’s. This is not because I can’t afford their items but because I know I’ll definitely be able to pay off such items. Therefore, I boost my credit without putting myself in a big debt hole.
5. Enjoy your money wisely! Treat yourself but know the limit. I know how much I am willing to spend on my hair and makeup a month. I also know how much I am willing to spend on a trip. This might be because my family is full of accountants but if you sit down and I am sure you would come up with some numbers too if you really took time to think deeply about it.


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